At San Antonio Karting Complex we pride ourselves on having competitive races, as well as highly competitive pricing. Our prices are broken down into packages: 1 race, 2 races, 3 races, 5 races, and VIP Pit Pass. All drivers must be at least 12 years of age and 56″ tall.


1 Race

  • Single Seat
  • In Store Only

2 Races

  • Single Seat
  • in Store Only

3 Races

  • Single Seat
  • In Store Only

4 Races

  • Single Seat
  • In Store Only

V.I.P Pit Pass

  • $20 Races Everyday

2 Seater Races

  • Double Seater: Passenger Must be 48″ or taller to ride, and Drive Must be 16 y/o and 56″ or taller to drive
  • In Store Only
  • Membership & Headsock for driver and passenger not included must purchase at store.


You don’t need your own equipment to get started racing! The San Antonio Karting Complex 20+ rental fleet is the finest and fastest in Texas! Every time you climb into an expertly prepared race machine, you can be confident that it will perform competitively and safely giving you every chance at the race win!

We will stock a range of CRG karts and parts – coming soon call for details.

Karts & Parts

League racing is great for when you want more from your rental karting experience.

Rental Kart Leagues

Own your own kart, check soon for details on practice and club racing.

Club Racing

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The Karting Experience

Fun for Everyone

Our People

Karting, as it’s commonly called, offers the opportunity to experience, learn, and enjoy the art of racing at reduced costs compared to other forms of racing. This type of competition is open to everyone! Boys, girls, men, and women alike. In fact, while it varies from year to year, girls typically consist of 15 to 20% of our entries! With ages beginning at 5 and reaching into their 50’s, there truly is a class for everyone.

Why Go Karting?

Our Promise

The art of driving, the challenge of chassis setup and the ability to adapt to changing conditions and competition are awaiting you in Karting. The thrill of making your first pass is something you will remember for life! While Karts share some characteristics with larger cars, their light weight, lack of suspension and direct steering result in a machine that is exciting and challenging to drive. Many of the techniques you will learn are exclusive to Karting.