Corporate Events, Bachelor Parties, Birthdays & More!

SAKC offers a unique outdoor activity for corporate groups and companies.

We offer several different Racing Packages for your group or company needs:

We do ask that all groups, parties, or events please fill out the form below to get started.
Tuesday – Thursday there is a minimum of 8 people for a group package.
Friday – Sunday there is a minimum of 10 people for a group package.
All groups need to be booked at least 1-week in advance.
All groups packages will be just your group on the track during your allotted races.
We can run up to 12 drivers per race, we will split groups as evenly as possible.
There are no day of group pricing.

The Mini-Prix: $55 Per Person
Each driver will get 2 races:
an 10-min Practice/Qualifier
a 12-min for position Final

The Grand-Prix: $75 Per Person
Each driver will get 3 races:
a 8-min Practice Session
an 10-min Qualifying Session
a 12-min for position Final

The Super-Prix: $85 Per Person
Each Driver will get 3 races:
a 12-min Practice Session
a 12-min Qualifying Session
a 12-min for position Final

Team LeMans: $125 Per Team
Each driver will get an 8-min Practice/Qualifier Session
Each Driver will get a 15-min stint in the team for position Final

I-2-Team: $155 Per Team
Each driver will get:
an 8-min Practice/Qualifier Session
a 10-min for position Final
a 15-min stint in the team for position Final

Track Exclusive:
Tuesday-Thursday: $1000 per hour
Friday – Sunday: $1500 per hour
The track and building are yours for the allotted time to run as many races as you can fit in.
Each race will be 8-min long and can fit up to 12 drivers.

Party Room Rental: $125 per hour
Enjoy a private room for your group.

Enjoy a fun day of competitive team building and bonding.

We never use your data for any purpose other than to contact you regarding your initial request.

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The Karting Experience

Fun for Everyone

Our People

Karting, as it’s commonly called, offers the opportunity to experience, learn, and enjoy the art of racing at reduced costs compared to other forms of racing. This type of competition is open to everyone! Boys, girls, men, and women alike. In fact, while it varies from year to year, girls typically consist of 15 to 20% of our entries! With ages beginning at 5 and reaching into their 50’s, there truly is a class for everyone.

Why Go Karting?

Our Promise

The art of driving, the challenge of chassis setup and the ability to adapt to changing conditions and competition are awaiting you in Karting. The thrill of making your first pass is something you will remember for life! While Karts share some characteristics with larger cars, their light weight, lack of suspension and direct steering result in a machine that is exciting and challenging to drive. Many of the techniques you will learn are exclusive to Karting.

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Our go-karts are from CRG and are made in Italy where all the world’s best racing karts are produced.  SAKC features CRG Go Kart Rentals, a 1/2-mile asphalt sprint racing track with 10 turns.

This will cater to everyone from the competitive kart racer out to win trophies to the corporate event designed for basic team building.

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